I'm a retired Physicist, but never worked as one...I was always an Engineer of some sort.

Q: What kind of Engineer are you?
A: What kind do you want me to be?

Thus, I'm frustrated...I always wanted to be a Scientist...but NO! I still have a great need for facts and data. I also have an unfulfilled artistic side.

I was involved with photography from a young age. My father's primary hobby was photography. I guess he infected me? We always had a darkroom in every house. I knew my way around a B&W darkroom before I was 10.

After college (and having a little money) I bought film cameras of various types. My first one was a Minolta 16. Later I bought a Nikkorex F, a cheap body [built by Mamaya] that used Nikkor F lenses. It came with a 50mm f/2, I think. Then I sold it and bought a real Nikon F or 3.

I switched to digital in 1998 with a little Kodak 1.1 MP P&S. I got a Nikon Coolpix 5700 in 2002, a Sony R1 in 2004, and a Nikon D300 in 2006. In 2010, I bought a used Nikon D50 as a backup to the D300. In 2014, I gave up waiting for a D400 and bought a D810. Then in 2016, I bought a D500. The R1 is the ultimate candid (street) camera and does really well with portraits...I also use it for making panoramic shots. The D500 is used for sports. The D810 is for landscapes.

I am NOT a brand-centric person and tend to dislike people who have made religions out of a possession. However, I tend to like Porsche automobiles, so you'll see some in my pix. But Porsche is NOT a religion! In addition to my Porsche, I drive a Toyota Prius.

I like to educate people about photography...everything from basic stuff like the half-press method to arcane methods of panoramic photo-stitching. My wife is a Technical Writer...she taught me how to communicate (most Engineers can't).

I'm a DIYer to a great extent. I've always liked to make things. I have a well equipped shop and have made many of my photography accessories.